So the date is finally set when you can get your mitts on the brand new vinyl version of our first EP, We Love Our Enemy.

It's this Friday, April 15th sometime in the early morning hours. It'll be available just inside the front door of the Mylene Sheath site.

Mylene Sheath just announced it in their April newsletter, and we couldn't be happier. This has been in talks since before Arrows had sold its first 100 copies, and it's finally happened.

Other notable items in the Mylene newsletter this month, Eksi Ekso's wondrous new album Brown Shark Red Lion is almost out the door, Mylene's intern Casey IS out the door headed for
Europe, and apparently Joel is able to fake doing housework in a
convincing way.

Enjoy the read, and thanks to everyone who pre-ordered our record. We know you'll love it!