Not really sure how to read into this mess, but the factory in charge of duplicating our vinyl for the "We Love Our Enemy" re-issue continues to fail us.

We know that they will arrive sometime before our NEXT offering on Mylene Sheath, a limited vinyl & extended digital release remix project for Arrows.
It's titled ARC and it will feature several brothers from the Mylene family and some up-and-coming artists from around the country. More on that later...

Aside from our vinyl woes, everything else seems to be going fantastic for Mylene and all the bands involved. Beware of Safety is collecting massive amounts of money and favorable reviews for their newest "Leaves/Scars."

Beneath Oblivion is about to unleash an 80 minute behemoth of doom metal on your pasty white ass and Joel & Lindsay have decided that it's time to clear out the shelves with a huge sale for the summer months.

Lots more news and announcements, so have a look.