It took 2 years of begging, beer-buying, handshakes and emails, but we finally completed our Arrows remix project. Mylene Sheath did it up right and made 2 different color pressings (yellow and black) and made it a limited edition item for the catalog.

We were fortunate enough to get some of our label-mates and soul-brothers to contribute, like Phil from Caspian, Steve from Beware of Safety, Will from Constants and Mizra and Max from Arms&Sleepers.

We'd like to extend a warm "Thank you" to everyone who took the time to smash, crunch, blender and render our music into something completely new and exciting. We're proud to call you our friends and we're excited to get people listening.

Track list for vinyl as follows:

1.Strangled In Bed remix by Arms and Sleepers] 05:22
2.Circling Above the Silence remix by New Rochelle Rotary Club] 03:43
3.OHMission remix by Aspect Deletion] 05:03
4.Funnel Cake remix by Brian Pensinger] 06:14
5.Soft Labor remix by Workforsleep] 06:17
6.HELL TORN remix by Insomnia Device] 06:04
7.The Monitor remix by ::thinkstandard::] 05:47
8.Swift Kills remix by The Atlas Ladder] 02:59
---- 6 additional tracks available on the extended digital version----
9.Quiet Spirals remix by Brian Pensinger] 04:39
10.ThermodynaMIX remix by Insomnia Device] 04:45
11.Halls of Entropy remix by Mono City Vibe] 03:43
12.Whispering While Drowning remix by FluID] 05:45
13.Entrocephalicy remix by Innerhorse] 04:45
14.Greetings Greensburg remix by Workforsleep] 05:30

For all you digiphiles out there, Mylene is offering the full 14 track album for free download at the Actors&Actresses bandcamp site. Have a listen!